July Jubilee Event Postponed

North Benders, we hoped that the big picture would look very different by this stage. Unfortunately, it is with the safety and well-being of our residents, businesses, and tourist guests in mind that we have chosen to postpone our plans for this year’s July Jubilee. With CDC and Oregon Health Authority guidelines in place to limit the spread of the virus – and being tightened and extended at a rapid rate here in Coos County – we have come to terms with the realities that the Jubilee cannot happen in July, but maybe in August, September, or October. North Bend will soon poll its residents and surrounding communities on what they might like to see in a fall festival that doesn’t conflict with other events elsewhere. Stay tuned, mask up, and be safe!

Triple Crown 5k Run

Below is a link to the Triple Crown 5K Run which is a separate run than the July Jubilee Jaunt however a person can register for both and win both.  Everyone competing in the Triple Crown will receive a medal.  It is a three part medal one section for each run which will complete the entire medal.  The July Jubilee Jaunt winners will receive a myrtlewood medallion as in years past.

To Register click here.